The Export Development Association (EDA) was founded in 2012 with the mission to help Georgian enterprises grow and diversify their exports through capacity building, advocacy, and promotion. As of 2023, EDA affiliates about 150 active export-oriented Georgian companies from different sectors.

Key Competencies:

1. Export Promotion: Throughout its tenure, EDA has planned and managed over 30 international large-scale trade shows. EDA’s achievements underscore its proficiency in creating valuable platforms for local and international businesses to exhibit their offerings, foster connections, and explore emerging markets.
Exclusive partnership with leading European export consulting firm Gateway and Partners has provided access to a regularly updated contact database of tens of thousands of international traders and facilitated several hundreds of business matchmakings for Georgian exporters, including support in numerous tenders by European wholesalers.

2. Market Research: The Association has performed market research through about 100 different projects and provided invaluable insights into local and international markets. These insights have empowered Georgian businesses to make informed decisions when entering or expanding into new markets. Most of EDA’s research has covered food and beverage production sectors and has expanded beyond market entry recommendations by analyzing constraints and proposing solutions for better operation of the supply chain and logistics. The most prominent of the recent researches have touched upon specificities of fruits and vegetables export and peculiarities of advanced packaging technologies and uninterrupted cold chain.

3. Policy Analysis and Advocacy: EDA has successfully simplified complex trade agreements, such as the DCFTA, through different projects. EDA’s efforts in delivering content via high-level conferences and export guidelines have enabled Georgian businesses to navigate international trade regulations effectively.

4. SME Capacity Building: The organization's dedication to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is reflected in many projects. Through intensive work, initiatives have reached thousands of rural micro and small entrepreneurs, fostering growth, enhancing productivity, and improving business management. Throughout the last years, EDA has reached out to rural and urban MSMEs to conduct over 500 training sessions for more than 13,000 listeners. EDA’s Technical Assistance is streamlined to develop entrepreneurial skills and grow sales on domestic and international markets.

5. Export Strategy: EDA has excelled in crafting export strategies. These strategic roadmaps have empowered companies to initiate and expand export sales, leading to remarkable outcomes. Strategies have been based on exporters' readiness and capacity for internationalization. EDA’s Export Readiness and Export Capacity Audit diagnostic tools have helped hundreds of Georgian businesses measure their capacities against potential export markets.