In EDA, Everything’s Covered – From Introduction to Aftercare!

In EDA, Everything’s Covered – From Introduction to Aftercare! Our services cover all aspects of export development a company may need. For full international coverage, we are in partnership with leading European export consulting firm Gateway&Partners and providing our members with access to state-of-the-art services in any market or sector. EDA offers 15 types of services for exporters from export readiness and capacity audit to target market research and trader matching. Through our services, companies can easily break down the export barriers and get full information about regulations and standards in the target markets. Basic guidance on internationalization is FREE for any company registered in Georgia. Our members are not paying membership fees but commit to participating in bi-annual surveys because we believe in export development based on real-time intelligence. All members get a discount on services offered by EDA and Gateway&Partners.

List of services:
Take a simple online test to see if your company is ready to start exporting. Such an assessment might save you from spending unnecessary time and resources.
Export Helpdesk is an advisory service provided by EDA to facilitate market access for growing firms to potential export markets. The export helpdesk provides information to Georgian export-oriented companies interested in supplying foreign markets.
If your company is not yet an exporter, please take the Export Readiness Test first. Export Capacity Assessment is for you if you are ready and serious about starting, growing, or diversifying your exports. It is a critical phase in the export development planning process. It is important for any company to examine its capacities and resources carefully before embarking on export planning.


Market Selection and Entry Recommendations is a consultancy service to screen markets, identify main barriers and competitivness factors for a specific product or service. The objective is to screen markets, select countries with highest export potential and prepare recommendations about entering these markets.
This service provides deep and comprehensive research of the target market. The objectives of this consultancy service is to identify what quantities are likely to be purchased; what modifications need to be made to the product to enhance its appeal in the market place; what is the best way of marketing the product and what will be the cost;
Professional Full-time export manager is costly and not readily available, especially in regions. EDA offers part-time remote assistance of a professional export manager dedicated to liaising with potential trade partners and attracting export deals.
Trade fair is one of the most popular marketing tools for exporters. This service will help beneficiaries in gaining a quick overview of the marketplace and competition and in establishing valuable business contacts; Some trade fairs allow companies to sell their products on site.


Export Development Association offers Georgian exporters to arrange transportation issues, by combining prepared goods for transportation of many consignees, collecting the documentation needed for customs clearance, and preparing for shipping to the destination.
FEE-based service. Please contact EDA to request prices.


EDA organizes outward/inward trade missions and study visits of Georgian exporters to target markets to learn how other businesses operate and to measure their own export potential. This service is frequently combined with Tradeshow Participation and B2B Meetings services. Inward buyer missions include the organization of visits of buyers to Georgian export companies to help them meet potential buyers directly and show production facilities. FEE-based service. Please contact EDA to request prices


EDA offers export strategy development and export marketing plan for exporters and export-oriented companies.
FEE-based service. Please contact EDA to request prices.


Product compliance checks according to the export market requirements. FEE-based service. Please contact EDA to request prices.


EDA offers export product branding services – packaging, labeling, and other marketing-related topics. FEE-based service. Please contact EDA to request prices.


FEE-based service. Please contact EDA to request prices.