The Export Helpdesk is an advisory service provided by EDA to facilitate market access to potential export markets. The export helpdesk provides information to Georgian export-oriented companies interested in supplying foreign markets. Information regarding export documents, rules of origin, labeling, packaging, standards and certification, tariff and non-tariff barriers, and so on. This consultancy service will help small and medium businesses to find the right markets, observe trends, and set adequate expectations. Service will minimize research costs per company and will make the process easier for them.  Instead of buying market research or the whole package of export services, companies can explore basic information and opportunities. Such service will minimize costs, will maximize benefits, and help exporters explore different opportunities. Export Helpdesk information:

  • Import Procedures
  • Product Requirements
  • Import Duties
  • Taxes
  • Rules of Origin
  • Trade Statistics

Please note, that Export Helpdesk provides a FREE overview of the above topics and advisory on where to get detailed information. Research reports are available for a FEE. Please contact EDA to request prices.